Personal Trainer in Barbados

Embark on a tailored fitness journey with Stacey, your dedicated personal trainer in Barbados, offering exclusive One-on-One Personal Training Packages designed to meet your unique needs. Enjoy the convenience of personalized sessions conducted at your villa, equipped with all the necessary gear. Choose from our flexible packages:

8 Session Package:

  • Monthly Investment: $520 USD or £400 per person

12 Session Package:

  • Monthly Investment: $780 USD or £600 per person

Stacey’s comprehensive one-hour sessions include:

  • Brief Warm-Up
  • 30-40 minutes of Strength Training
  • 10-15 minutes of Ab/Core Strengthening
  • 10-15 minutes of Stretching

Each session is adaptable to your specific requirements, considering any injuries or medical conditions. It’s important to note that house calls are available exclusively on the west coast. For locations outside this area, kindly reach out to us for further details. Elevate your fitness journey with the expertise of Stacey, your trusted personal trainer in Barbados, ensuring a personalized and effective approach to achieving your fitness goals.

House calls are only available on the west coast, if you aren’t located on the west coast please contact me to enquire.


Drop – In

Experience personalized fitness on your terms with Stacey, your go-to personal trainer in Barbados, through our Drop-In sessions. For just £60 or 78 USD per session, Stacey brings her expertise and equipment to your home or villa, offering a dynamic one-hour training experience. Whether you’re in Barbados briefly or prefer a flexible, commitment-free approach, our Drop-In classes are tailored to your schedule and fitness needs. Elevate your fitness journey with Stacey’s individualized guidance, ensuring a rewarding and effective workout, no matter the duration of your stay.