90 Day Body Sculpt Program (Online)



A 90 day fitness program that you can do from the comfort of your home! Minimal equipment required!

Who is this program for?

Busy women looking to stay healthy and fit. You don’t want to be spending time driving to the gym to work out for an hour before heading off to work, how about a 30 minute intensive training session from the comfort of your home, followed by a healthy breakfast before heading into the office? We’ve got that all covered in this program.

How can I lose weight with only 30 minute sessions?

You know those snacks that you eat while watching TV in the evening because you’re bored? We are going to cut those out and replace them with healthy (but ultra tasty) alternatives. Oh, and that glass of wine every night? Just kidding, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, hang onto the wine. We want to aim to build healthy habits that allow you to make better choices in the real world and moderation is the key. So why get rid of the things you love? It’s not sustainable. We will focus on quick healthy meals along with some great recipes that you can use to plan for the week ahead, this coupled with high intensity sessions will help you build the muscle and start losing the fat.

What’s included:

  • Nutrition Guide
  • Habit tracker to encourage building positive habits
  • Recipes continuously updated via Trello
  • Personalized on demand work out videos
  • Community group to chat to motivate and to share recipes and tips regularly.
  • Access to your personal trainer 24/7
  • 1 Emergency call per week with your trainer (Optional)

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Nutrition Guide

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